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Don't wait until after the audit, fines or even worse an electrocution! 

With the most advanced appliance tester available in Australia, you can rest assured that your Occupational Health and Safety obligations will be taken care of. Our state of the art testing equipment is linked with the latest tracking software so we can take care of the lot! 

  • Portable appliance testing 
  • Microwave leakage testing 
  • Safety switch testing 
  • Emergency light testing 
  • Logging of testing 
  • Advanced reporting abilities 
  • Asset tracking 
  • Automated scheduling so your always compliant with AS 3760

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Know your obligations

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Employers and self-employed people must also make sure electrical equipment is kept in a safe condition as part of their obligations under the Electrical Safety Act 2002

Audits are a stressful. We know because we get audited too! But with our advanced reporting software, you will always have an up to date test certificate at your fingertips.


yes we are insured

​Electrical contractors are required, under Section 51 of the Electrical Safety Regulation to have a contract of insurance approved by the chief executive. We are fully insured to protect you and your property, as proof of this please feel free to click here to see our certificate of currency.

See our certificate of currency

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