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Before You Buy

Read this before you buy!

We have been installing LED lights in Hervey Bay and surrounding areas for years. Something we have noticed is a lot of customers that buy their lights from a lighting retailer are often paying more for the fitting alone than we would have charged for the supply and installation! Yes you read that right!

We only supply quality light fittings that are generally not available in the stores, some have up to a 7 year in home warranty too, we have access to all the latest styles and because you are buying from the highest rated electrician in Hervey Bay you know your getting quality. 

So before you go and hand over your hard earned money think about what you are getting. 

  • You buy a fitting from a retailer 
  • You pay an electrician to install the fitting 
  • You pay twice! and often way more than you need to
  • Most electricians will charge to remove and replace a fitting that has failed especially if they didn't supply the fitting. 


  • You buy the fitting from us, 
  • We supply and install the fitting, usually for less than the cost of the fitting from the retailer. 
  • We come to your home and offer advice from licensed electrician during the installation 
  • We make sure the dimmers are the correct type for LED lighting so you don't get a strobe light installed in your living room. 
  • We guarantee our work and lighting partners stand by their product, so you can't loose! 

We have a full range of LED lights 

  • Downlights 
  • Oyster lights (circular fluorescent)
  • Battens (standard Fluorescent)
  • Flood lights
  • LED Dimmers (they are different)  
  • Commercial lights 
  • Highbays 
  • Panel shop lights 
  • Sensor lights 
  • And More!

LED down lights

LED down lights 

Our LED Lighting Partners



Halogen Fire Hazard!

Halogen Fire Hazard!

Halogen Fire Hazard!

house on fire

Did you Know, Halogen down lights are one of the leading causes of house fires? These lights are basically  a small heater that gives off a small amount of light. they can reach temperatures in excess of 300 degrees! As well as being a fire hazard they are extremely expensive to run. 

Cut Your Costs

Halogen Fire Hazard!

Halogen Fire Hazard!

cost reductions

Most of the down lights we carry will reduce your lighting bill by 80%!

They are no longer too expensive to justify, they are now at the point where they are far cheaper to install and it is probably costing you money not to have them replaced. 

Its not just your light costs that are reduced but your air-conditioning costs will go down too! 

More Light

Halogen Fire Hazard!

No UV Light

old lights turned off new led light turned on

We stock only the leading brands of LED lights.

With different wattages to suit different applications there is a LED light replacement to suit your needs. 

Our customers are always blown away by how much light they now have. Its always a great idea to consider a new LED dimmer too.

No UV Light

The Right Light for The Right Job

No UV Light

bugs attracted to old style light

The days of cleaning those pesky bugs out from your light fittings are all but over once you convert to energy efficient LED lighting. 

LED lighting produces almost no UV light, this means the bugs are not attracted anywhere near as much so you can sit outside under your new LED lights without being "bugged"

Add Value

The Right Light for The Right Job

The Right Light for The Right Job

money savings

Our realestate sales clients have reported and suggested to people selling their home that converting to LED lighting is a great way to add value at relatively low cost. This could simply give your property an edge when potential buyers are comparing your home with another.

The Right Light for The Right Job

The Right Light for The Right Job

The Right Light for The Right Job

lots of energy efficient lights turned on

We carry an extensive range of LED lighting options in our vehicles, we only stock the highest quality but this doesn't mean they are expensive, our customers often report our price for an installed downlight is about the same as the fitting on its own from many lighting stores. So call us first 

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