Safety switches on all circuits is the new standard!

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An average of 15 people are killed in preventable electrical accidents in Australia each year, with hundreds more treated or hospitalised for a range of electricity-related injuries. Almost all of these could have been prevented with a safety switch.

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When you see our vans you will understand but we normally have enough stock on hand to cover almost any switchboard upgrade, we will always educate and encourage our customers to make an informed choice about their safety. 

Safety switches on all circuits is the new standard!

Is your switch board substandard ?

As of the 1st of January 2019, all new homes being constructed must have all their circuits protected by safety switches. If your house was built before this date it is most likely substandard.

Why are they so important?

A safety switch will detect leakage current and will trip the circuit within as little as 30 milliseconds. This stops the flow of electricity through the body of the person and significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury. They can also help prevent an electrical fire from starting. 

"Do I have safety switches?"

Safety switches have a ‘TEST’ button on the front face near or under the reset tab, If all of the devices in your switchboard do not have a ‘TEST’ function they are not all safety switches and your switchboard is likely substandard. If in doubt call us and we can give you a FREE visual audit of your switchboard.  

"How do I test if my safety switch is working?"

The test button should be used several times each year to test that the safety switch is still functioning, If it does not cause the safety switch to trip this needs to be replaced by a qualified electrical contractor. 

"My safety switch keeps tripping!"

Your safety switch is tripping? Its annoying we know BUT this is a good thing! it means it has detected a life threatening electrical event and has removed danger, this is why we are so passionate about safety switches on ALL circuits.

What to do if your safety switch trips

If it tripped as you were turning a light on turn the switch back off and try to reset it, then call us.

If it seemed to trip for no reason it could be an appliance, unplug EVERYTHING that doesn't have power and then try to reset. If it resets, plug you appliances back in until it trips again, then call us on (07) 4128 4437 to have the appliance tested. 

Send us a photo of your switchboard and we will give you a FREE visual inspection!


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