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Why is my hot water cold?

Check The Switchboard

When a hot water system suddenly stops working it usually caused by one or more of the following components.

  • Element 
  • Thermostat
  • Tariff Relay 
  • Wiring 
  • Circuit protection  

If the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown call Kool Spark Electrical Hervey Bay  

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Hot Water Element

The element is the ❤️ heart of the standard hot water system. It is the thing that actually heats the water, over time the element will wear out and either split, allowing water to contact the live wire inside the element or the live wire will break internally and stop working. 

Hot Water Thermostat

The thermostat is the 🧠 brain of the standard hot water system. It is the thing that tells the element to turn on when the water gets cold and to turn off when the water gets hot enough. over time the thermostat  will ware out, sometimes this can cause the hot water system to slowly get colder over time. 

Off Peak Tariff Relay

The off peak relay is a device that Ergon owns and will actually pay us to repair. Not every house has one but they are very common. 

They allow Ergon to turn off the Supply to the hot water system briefly during peak demand times and they are one of the reasons we don't get blackouts very often. 

Hot Water Wiring

The power has to get from the switchboard to the hot water system through the homes wiring system. sometimes this can get damaged due to poor workmanship, rodent damage, house movement or even your dog! Yes we have fixed hot water systems damaged by the family dog, (all the dogs are fine because thankfully the hot water systems were installed on a safety switch) Is yours?

Why Is My Water Cold ?

Your hot water is cold because one or more of these thing are not working or are in need of repair. 

Give us a call 24 hours and we will get you sorted, the issue is often the Off Peak Relay, and the great news is that you don't have to pay! We will bill Ergon for this even on a Sunday night!

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