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Want to upgrade the look in your home?Ceiling fans are a great way to get good air flow in your home, if your ceiling fans are looking a bit tired or you need new fans installed give us a call. 

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No More Rusty Ceiling Fans

Old Ceiling rusty fan

The standard painted white, and stainless style bladed ceiling fan is a great way to get ceiling fans on a budget, however the corrosive are in Hervey Bay will rust the blades, it usually starts on the tip of the blade and spreads from there.

Stainless Steel Fans Rust

Rusty metal

Did you know that Stainless steel can rust? Most people a tricked by clever marketing when buying "stainless steel" ceiling fans in Hervey Bay, unfortunately they are usually a poor grade of stainless steel such as 304 . Unless you buy 316 marine grade ceiling fans they will rust and look terrible in no time.  

Plastic Bladed Ceiling Fans

Plastic bladed ceiling fan Hervey Bay

The solution We try and stick with is the new plastic bladed ceiling fans, These fans can be cleaned without the fear of damaging the paint and causing rust to start, they are usually quieter that the standard fans with up to a 6 year warranty!

Ceiling Fans With LED Lights

Plastic bladed ceiling fan with light Hervey Bay

Our preferred range of ceiling fans have the option to come with built in LED energy efficient lighting built in. gone are the days of dim lighting under to old ceiling fan. These days they are bright and use far less energy than the old style fittings. 

Remote Control Options

ceiling fan remote control Hervey Bay

All of our ceiling fans come with the option of a remote control.

The remote controls can turn the light on and off, and control the speed of the fan too! 

These are perfect for existing homes when a light needs to be converted to a fan and the wiring can not be accessed. 

Leading 6 Year Warranty

up to 6 year warranty

We stand by our workmanship and only supply products from suppliers who stand by their products. 

Our preferred ceiling fan supplier offers an industry leading warranty of up to 6 Years on their ceiling fans, so you can be sure they will be working for years to come. 

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